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Christopher’s story is a gut-wrenching one and, growing up with him, it was certainly one that changed our lives. We can only hope that it has had an impact on you as well. Christopher’s Bakery is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those afflicted with epilepsy and many other conditions that leave children and families in tough situations and forces them into long hospital stays.

Christopher, unfortunately, died just days short of his 11th birthday and spent so many of his days in the hospital beds and operating rooms of Miami Children’s Hospital (now Nicklaus Children’s Hospital). We have teamed up with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and the Miami Children’s Health Foundation to donate a percentage of all sales to epilepsy and neuroscience research.

Miami Children’s Health Foundation

There’s also an opportunity for you to make your own donation to help others in need. Through the Miami Children’s Health Foundation you can donate to either of these 3 causes:

  • Epilepsy & Neuroscience Research

  • Radio Lollipop

  • Miami Children’s Health Foundation

* All donations are tax deductible.


Why these causes?

Epilepsy & Neuroscience Research is so important to us because we’ve seen its devastation, firsthand. Epilepsy and seizures are conditions that aren’t as well-known as some others, but many individuals and families know they can be just as devastating. Each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are 1.16 cases of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) for every 1,000 people with epilepsy. Those estimates can sometimes vary, but the fact remains that many people die each year from seizures. We want to put an end to this heartbreaking condition and we believe we can. Each product sold and your individual donations will combine to help solve the puzzle of epilepsy and seizures and, hopefully, stop these sudden and unnecessary deaths.

For more information on epilepsy and seizures, click here.

Radio Lollipop is a charity and radio station that began in 1979 at Queen Mary’s Hospital for Children in England. In August 1996, then-Miami Children’s Hospital was the first hospital in the United States to host a Radio Lollipop station. On a personal level, during Christopher’s many stays at the hospital, Radio Lollipop always provided entertainment and happiness to our family and Christopher, himself. I saw how this would take situations that were often dire and allow our minds to wander to a better place. This experience is invaluable to those confined to hospitals and your donation to Radio Lollipop will help bring joy and smiles to the faces of those confronting their difficult circumstances.

For more information on the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital branch of Radio Lollipop, click here.

The Miami Children’s Health Foundation is the official charity of a place that is near and dear to our hearts. When you have a child or sibling who has to spend large chunks of his or her life in a hospital, you can only hope the hospital treats you with the love and respect you long for in that time of need. Nicklaus Children’s Hospital gave us that and so much more. Whether it was the nurses checking on Christopher’s well-being or his neurologist, Dr. Duchowny, being available whenever we needed him, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital seemed to make a tough journey just a little easier by walking the path with us. For many people, hospital stays can get very costly, very quickly. Your donation can help buy diapers, blankets, games, meals or contribute in any number of other ways.

For more information on the Miami Children’s Health Foundation, click here.

While all of our donations go through the Miami Children’s Health Foundation, donating to epilepsy & neuroscience research or Radio Lollipop will earmark your donation for those causes. Donating to the Miami Children’s Health Foundation will be a general donation that goes to help the areas of most need within the hospital.

Thank you so much for your donation. You may never even know what it means.

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