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  • Q: What is epilepsy?

    A. Epilepsy is a condition that Christopher suffered from and is part of the reason this company was started. According to the CDC, it is a disorder of the brain that causes seizures. Seizures can look like staring spells or they can cause a person to fall, shake and lose awareness of their surroundings. More than 2 million adults and 460,000 children in the United States have active epilepsy. For more information on epilepsy and seizures, click here.

  • Q: How can I donate to neuroscience and epilepsy research?

    A. As a company, we donate a percentage of all sales to neuroscience and epilepsy research through Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. You can make your own tax deductible donation to the hospital for continued research or other purposes by clicking here.

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  • Q. Can I request my own ingredients to be baked into my cake?

    A. Of course! The best part of our vanilla wafer cake is it’s customizable. Our standard vanilla wafer cake includes raisins, shredded coconut, pecans and dried cranberries. We also offer chocolate chips for no extra charge, but if there’s something you’d like baked into your cake, you can request it when ordering. Each requested ingredient costs $3 and if we can accommodate your request, we’ll bake it and ship it. If we can’t, we’ll refund your money and work with you to ensure you get a cake that is best suited for you.

  • Q. I have a nut allergy. Can I order a cake without pecans in it?

    A. Yes. However, our baked goods are prepared in a commercial kitchen and it is possible your cake will come in contact with items or surfaces that have previously been in contact with pecans, other nuts or allergens. We are working on creating environments and products that are free of allergens, but until we do, please keep this in mind when ordering your product.

  • Q. Is the only product you sell a vanilla wafer cake?

    A. For now, yes. We’re working hard on developing vanilla wafer cupcakes and muffins. We’re also working on pound, chocolate, caramel and red velvet cakes. Once those items are ready to ship, we’ll post that to our website. You can also sign up for our newsletter to be the first to find out when new products are ready.

  • Q. Is your vanilla wafer cake just a dessert?

    A. That’s up to you! Many people have said it’s a perfect dessert, but others have eaten a slice as a breakfast coffee cake because it isn’t too sweet. If you’d like yours to be sweeter, you can let us know on your order form for no extra charge. It doesn’t matter how or when you eat it, just that you love it!

  • Q. Do you have nutritional facts on any of your products?

    A. No, sorry. While we don’t have nutritional information, as with any sweet product, we do encourage moderation – even though we know it’ll be hard once you have a slice.

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  • Q. Can I add frosting or a message on my cake?

    A. Sorry, no. We do not currently offer frosting or any writing on our cakes.

  • Q. Can I add a gift message?

    A. Yes, during checkout you will have the option of including a gift message. To add your message, select “Gift Wrapping” and type your message before checking out.

  • Q. Can I cancel or change my order?

    A. You will be able to cancel or change your order up until a USPS, FedEx or UPS label is printed for your shipment. Once a shipping method is selected and submitted, it cannot be changed. Any cancellation or change to your order made after the label has been printed will not be honored. If you have a problem changing or canceling your order, use our Contact form or call us at 305-749-7576 and we will work with you to get your issue resolved.

  • Q. Do you offer coupons for customers?

    A. Yes, we do. Sign up for our newsletter to receive coupons and discounts straight to your e-mail inbox. Your information will be safe with us. We promise to not bombard you with e-mails.

  • Q. Can I order half a cake?

    A. Soon. We’re still in the beginning stages of our bakery and haven’t worked out all the kinks in the shipping process for half cakes. We want to be sure that you receive every product you purchase in the best possible condition. When we have perfected it, we’ll be shipping it to yo

  • Q. Do you make cakes larger than your bundt cakes for parties or special order?

    A. We have worked very hard to perfect our recipe and we think we’ve done a pretty good job. That perfect recipe fits nicely into a bundt cake pan and we don’t want to send you something that doesn’t taste or look to our standards. We are, however, continuously working on new products like vanilla wafer flavored ice cream and muffins.

  • Q. Can I order your cakes in bulk?

    A. We are happy to create and ship bulk orders for your needs. Orders of 5 cakes or more will receive 20% off and receive free shipping. You can change the quantity of cakes in your shopping cart before checking out.

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  • Q. Do you have a shipping and returns policy?

    A. Yes, we do. To read our policy, in addition to the answers listed below, click here.

  • Q. How are your cakes packaged?

    A. Our vanilla wafer cakes are baked in a standard bundt cake pan. After cooling, they are transferred to an aluminum shipping container, seen at right. Your shipping container is then bubble-wrapped securely to ensure it arrives to you safely.

  • Q. When will my order ship?

    A. Unless you choose a different shipping method, your order will ship via USPS Priority Mail. We strive for your order to arrive fresh, so we work to align your delivery so that it won’t be sitting over the weekend. Because of this, we ship orders Monday-Thursday. Any order placed Saturday-Wednesday before 1:00 (Eastern Standard Time) will be ready to ship the next business day. Orders placed after 1:00 (Eastern Standard Time) Wednesday – Friday will be shipped on Monday to ensure freshness when it arrives to you. 

  • Q. How do you ship your goods?

    A. Our standard shipping is Priority Mail via USPS. This allows your cake to arrive in 2-3 business. We have found this to be faster than shipping with other shipping companies. If you would prefer overnight or ground shipping with FedEx or UPS, we can certainly accommodate that request. Please be advised your shipping cost may be higher and, in the case of ground shipping, your transit time may be longer.

  • Q. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    A. Once a shipping label is printed, an e-mail with your tracking number will be sent to you. Generally, USPS Priority Mail orders arrive in 2-3 days (excluding Sundays) and FedEx and UPS Ground orders will arrive in 3-4 business days, though these times are only estimates.

  • Q. What if my order didn’t arrive on time?

    A. Once cakes ship from our kitchen, we are not responsible for any delays in transit caused by high package volume, weather, mechanical error, natural disasters, terrorism safety control, inaccurate shipping information or the drop off policy of either the USPS, UPS or FedEx. We do not require a signature for delivery on any order.

  • Q. Can I return my cake or get a refund?

    A. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns or offer refunds unless the issue is a result of manufacturing of the goods sold. All of our shipments are insured. If you believe your package was mishandled by USPS, UPS or FedEx, please use our contact us form, and we will gladly help you file a claim.

  • Q. I need a cake immediately. Is there any way for me to pick it up myself?

    A. Unfortunately, our products aren’t available for pickup at this time. We’re always looking for new and better ways to deliver our products to customers, though, so stay on the lookout!

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